Raising The Bar is dedicated to comprehensive community development, addressing various aspects through its diverse program areas. In the realm of Art, we actively engage families in creative expression through an array of programming and events, nurturing a sense of imagination and artistic exploration. In Health & Fitness, we provide families with opportunities to embrace healthier alternatives, participate in movement-based activities, and gain knowledge about preventive choices, thereby promoting overall well-being.

Central to our initiatives is a focus on Mental Health, with a commitment to offering diverse programming and workshops. These resources aim to build a robust foundation for mental well-being within the community. Raising The Bar seeks to uplift families by fostering creativity, supporting physical health, and nurturing mental well-being, contributing to the overall thriving of the community. Additionally, we recognize the importance of gender-specific programming, exemplified by initiatives like "Sisters Breaking Bread," which provides a dedicated space for growth and empowerment.