Khloe's Blues was inspired by a student at a local school in Milwaukee. The playwright and author sat with the student and learned why they were fighting. She learned that the student was being bullied because of the color of her skin. The story and other bullying incidents inspired the playwright to develop a children's book and play that brings awareness to the impact of bullying and the importance of Social Emotional Development programming within the schools. Colorism and bullying has increased Post COVID-19. Raising The Bar is partnering with Bronzeville Arts Ensemble to bring awarness to the impact of Bullying in schools and for after school programming.

The funding will be used to pay artists, performers, and provided workshops for Raising The Bar, schools, and other youth serving organizations. The goal is to provide youth performers with a professional theatre experience. The show will also provide teachers and Youth Development Professionals the tools to support their students.


Goal 1- Host a youth reading with youth artists in Spring of 2022 for feedback.

Goal 2- Facilitate workshops where students, educators, and Youth Development professionals learn about the impact of bullying.

Goal 3- Playwright and Author will facilitate workshop around book at schools and youth serving development organizations.

Goal 4- Create a site for adults and students who were bullied to share their testimony.

Goal 5- After professional reading of Khloe's Blues create a national tour.

How Can You Help?

There are ways to help Raising the Bar, Inc. meet the needs of our community. Generous donations from community members and businesses to help us continue our mission to help youth and families.

If you have any questions about giving or volunteering your time, please email